No comic is an Island… and no cartoonist is a coconut – well, maybe a few of us are. Anyway, I would like to give a shout out here to anyone who has helped me, supported me, encouraged me or didn’t pick on me in high-school. This list is by no means comprehensive – mom doesn’t have a website – but still vital none the less…

Other Cartoonists -

Matt Stout and his strip Big Sandy Gilmore was probably the first cartoonist I ever felt a kinship with, being in the trenches together as fledgling web cartoonists. Plus, his strip has raccoons and geeks!

I have a huge soft spot for Samantha Wikan who produces a great family friendly strip over at Life’s a Witch. Magic and motherhood, ’nuff said.

What can I say about Jeff Ellis of Teach English in Japan? A great teacher, a wonderful associate and the man who made me fall in love with Adobe Illustrator – whether I wanted to or not.

And while I’m on the subject, the whole crew over at Cloudscape is pretty cool, and they make for a great way to kill a Wednesday evening.

Friends from my other lives -

I love the renfest! I love swords! I love to entertain! And the BC Renaissance Festival has allowed me fulfill my greatest fantasy of being a Pro-Am Pirate! What boy doesn’t dream of that?