Nothing Flatters so much as Fan Art. When someone takes the time to pick up a pen and show you how they see your creations and how it affects them, it stirs a feeling deep in your heart – similar to feeling your fifth double espresso brings, but requiring less paramedics.

What follows are a few selected pieces by close friends and complete strangers, brought together by art – or something like it. If you want to submit your own art, feel free to send a copy – or link, if that’s your thing – to Don’t forget a link to your website, deviant art page or whatever.

The Raccoon Squad by Matt Stout

Matt Stout

Matt Stout of Big Sandy Gilmore

Samantha Wikan

Samantha Wikan of Life’s a Witch



Kanna Michael


Ed and his coffee


and here we have three great pics from Micheal (who’s website I’ve lost and can’t find… sorry)